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DIY wedding flowers

With an abundance of glorious blooms to choose from throughout the year, the world of flora offers a wide choice for your wedding bouquet. If a professional wedding florist is out of your budget, why not give DIY wedding flowers a try?

If you decide to make your own DIY wedding flowers including your wedding bouquet and buttonholes, it could be a very cost-effective option. With online tutorials available to guide you through even the most elaborate bouquets and buttonholes, you’ll be delighted with the results of your gorgeous and unique wedding floral arrangements.

How about growing your own wedding flowers? If your wedding is next year, you will have time to plant your favourite flowers either in your garden, a relative’s garden, or a friend’s garden. Advice from gardening centres is invaluable and free and they offer information on ethically sourced blooms too.

Now for the flowers! We’ve compiled a list of seasonal flowers to get you started.

JANUARY: Branches of Sage// Dried Oregano Flower Heads//Branches of Oak, Ash, Beech, Lime and Maple// Honesty//Snowdrops//Roses//Gerbera//Orchid//Stephanotis.

FEBRUARY: Cyclamen//Viburnum//Hellebores//Roses//Gerbera//Orchid//Stephanotis.

MARCH: Hyacinth// Narcissi//Roses//Gerbera//Orchid//Stephanotis.

APRIL: Pussy Willow//Magnolia//Roses//Gerbera//Lily//Orchid//Stephanotis.

MAY: Lily of the Valley//Lily//Forget-me-Knot//Cornflowers//Gerbera//Roses//Orchids// Stephanotis//Sweet Peas.

JUNE - SEPTEMBER: Peonies//Lily//Orchid//Rose//Phlox//Delphinium//Garden Pinks// Dahlia//Lavender// Mint//White Jasmine//Summer Green Foliage//Trailing Vines// Foxglove//Gerbera//Stephanotis//Verbena//Sunflowers.

OCTOBER - DECEMBER: Scented Pelargoniums//Winter Flowering Honeysuckle//Rose// Mint//Rosemary Stems. FOLIAGE: Winter Heather// Laurel//Myrtle// Ivy (variegated or dark green).

Wedding bouquets can be tied with twine, lace and ribbon and if attached to pew ends, can be pushed into florist’s oasis with a long ribbon or lace to hang. If used as a table decoration, place into oasis in a pot or platter. Buttonholes need only florist tape around the stem to keep the flower drip free.

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