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Reasons to Welcome Rain on Your Wedding Day.

Caroline is wearing a beautiful bespoke starry wedding dress from Suzanne Harrington Bride.

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The one thing you cannot plan for on your Wedding Day is the weather.... specifically rain. This number-one concern is almost unimaginable if your wedding is to be held in the summer months, but does not only apply to the vagaries of our British weather - sudden downpours or an unseasonal rainy day can occur almost anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, your much anticipated and well planned day could actually be amazing - albeit wet. Photographs can capture drizzle as a misty, soft light and will greatly add to the romanticism of the day. Props - like clear umbrellas and colourful wellies - can add further delight. Silk screening the bridal party’s names on the clear umbrellas will elevate your damp day to a wonderfully creative level and astound your guests by your ingenuity. An extra large umbrella could be held by an appointed guest, to completely shield the bride. Many photographers actually prefer shooting on a cloudy day, as the conditions are more atmospheric and can produce a mystical and magical luminosity to the photographs. Flowers also benefit from these moist conditions, ensuring their day-long survival in peak condition.

If you have a wedding planner, they will take extra care to cover all eventualities, including a wet weather plan to guarantee your day is absolutely perfect in every way.

In some cultures, rain is considered to bring good luck to the bride and groom, symbolising fertility. It is also believed to cleanse negativity or sadness from your past. Furthermore, it is a widely held belief that it ensures unity, as a wet knot is extremely hard to untie. Hence the expression ‘Tying the Knot’.

Rain also brings the bonus of eliminating allergies, as it reduces airborne pollen. Thanks to its impact on vegetation, the air becomes pure and the heady, post-rain aroma called petricor, is released into the atmosphere. Another plus is that the face takes on a freshness and radiance and the cool, moist air keeps make-up firmly in place. All these benefits are music to the ears of pluviophiles, otherwise known as rain lovers. There is also the possibility of a magnificent rainbow to add drama and joy to your celebrations.

If your chosen outside area is going to be muddy, make arrangements to lay a temporary covering to protect the hem of your dress, as you walk into the wedding ceremony venue. If this is not possible, lift the hem and drape it carefully over your arm, or ask one of the wedding party to hold it up for you. It would also be prudent to check on the colour fastness and effect rain may have on the material of your beautiful gown.

Wet weather, coupled with your positivity and creativity will transform a dismal day into a treasured delight, sending spirits soaring and providing a perfect and memorable day.


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