• Suzanne

Ways to include your pet in your wedding

As a dog lover and owner of the gorgeous Banksy Harrington, I would have loved to have included him in our wedding but he wasn’t born then! It’s becoming increasingly common for couples wanting to include their pets and there are several ways to do that...

Before having your pet at your wedding you need to ask yourself a few questions;

Does your pet behave well at large gatherings? It can be overwhelming if there’s lots of people around.

Does your accommodation / venue / reception allow pets? If they do you can choose to have your fur baby walk down the aisle with you and even dress up! There are lots of bow ties , tuxedos , tutus and flower crowns for your pets.

Is there going to be anyone that can look after your pet? You could hire a pet sitter to look after your pet and then take them home for a sleep.

Will your pet eat the confetti?

It may be easier to have your photographer include them in a shoot with you beforehand or just with you as you are getting ready. You can also include them on your wedding stationery or get a cardboard cutout of them. Another idea is to get an animal cake topper, you can buy personalised ones made for you on Etsy. I also love the idea of a pair of cuff links or charm for your bouquet with your pets portrait on.

Here are some ideas for photo opportunities...

Suzanne xx