Something old, something new...

Although this saying has been used countless times, it isn’t something you have to incorporate into your wedding day  - but it can be fun, and it's likely people will start asking you about it! This traditional saying “something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue and first a silver sixpence in her shoe” comes from an old English rhyme and first appeared in 1883. The oldest reference is in an issue of St. James magazine. These good luck charms are little tokens of love and there are many ways to incorporate these into your wedding day.
Something old - Represents continuity and there are many ways to wear these. We love the small lockets with old photos of your loved ones that you can tie or sew onto your bouquet. Wearing a relatives or friends jewellery is also a beautiful thing. I have also sewn a piece of a one of our lovely brides mothers dress into her own wedding dress to make it very special.
Something new - This is symbolic of your new life with your husband. Often this is your new wedding dress but if you are wearing a vintage wedding gown this could be a new veil, new shoes, new lingerie or even new makeup.
Something borrowed - This symbolises “borrowed happiness “ so can even be something lent from another happy bride, such as a veil, jewellery or even a cake knife.
Something blue - Can be incorporated into your bouquet with some beautiful blue flowers. We love a small blue ribbon sewn at the hem of your dress. Some lovely sapphire earrings, one of our lovely wedding garters, fabulous blue shoes or even blue nail polish .

The sixpence seems to be less common now and I don’t recall any of our brides adding this into their wedding day. Sewing it into the hem of your dress maybe less uncomfortable than in your shoe though!